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Item # 70011-484, 1" x 4" x 1" Thick CENTURION™ Fiberglass Grating

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CENTURION™ Molded Grating is a hand lay-up composite of high resin content and continuous glass fiber strand that is thoroughly wetted out and woven through an open mold. This method provides CENTURION™ Molded Grating with high corrosion resistance and good strength.

CENTURION™ Molded Grating is an excellent alternative to metal grating where rust, corrosion, or chemical attack are problems. With proper resin selection, CENTURION™ Molded Grating is an economical option in a wide range of corrosive environments.

A heavy duty thick grating. Bearing bars are thicker than other 1" x 4" pattern grating for greater load capacity and improved resistance to mechanical damage. The bearing bars run in the width dimension.

  • This is a Heavy Duty Rectangular pattern grating.
  • Bearing bars run in the 48" dimension of the panel, and are 1" on center. These bars must support the loading.
  • Composite is flame retardant class 1, per ASTM e84 test method.
  • UV additive included for UV protection.
  • No calcium carbonate, or clay fillers are used.
  • Resin used is specification quality resin, not a by-product resin.
  • Custom panel sizes, colors, and composites are available, please call.

Specifications  · Concentrated Load (12" Strip)  · Uniform Load (Full Panel)  · Point Load  · Mesh Patterns and Thickness  · Surface Styles  · Resin Systems Available  · Material Properties  · Applications  · Notes


Product Name

1" Thick Fiberglass Grating (1 x 4 Mesh)

Grating Pattern

1 x 4 in

Grating Thickness

1 in


General Purpose (GP)





Panel Size

4 x 12 ft

Bars Center to Center

1 x 4 in

Bar Height

1.0 in

Tie Bar Width

0.6875 in

Bearing Bar Width

0.375 in

Open Area

52 %

Panel Weight

175/200 lbs

Weight (Men/Grit)

3.6/4.2 lbs/sf

Concentrated Load (12" Strip)

Uniform Load (Full Panel)

Point Load

Mesh Patterns and Thickness
Different patterns and thicknesses provide different strength and performance properties for CENTURION™ Molded Grating. From 1-inch thick 1x4 rectangular mesh for light duty applications to 2-inch thick 2 x 2 square mesh for the heaviest loads, CENTURION™ Molded Grating is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Refer to the load charts that follow for more information.

Surface Styles
CENTURION™ Molded Grating comes with two types of non- slip surfaces.
  • Meniscus surface has limited applications where a grit surface may be a problem as the meniscus surface offers limited slip resistance, and limited wear life.
  • The embedded grit surface is the standard surface for slip resistance and wear resistance. This surface is available at no added cost.

Resin Systems Available
  • General Purpose: Not recommended for chemical service.
  • ISO: Not recommended for any caustics, harsh alkalies, or bleaches.

Material Properties
  • Flame Retardant (ASTM E-84) - Class I
  • Most Resins Corrosion Resistant
  • Electrically Non-Conductive
  • Impact Resistant
  • Low Thermal Conductivity

CENTURION™ Molded Grating is a candidate material where there are safety concerns due to the presence of liquids and oils on the floor as well as corrosive environments where chemical resistance of the flooring material is important for long term durability. Applications for CENTURION™ Molded Grating include:
  • Walkways
  • Platforms
  • Protective Shielding
  • Machinery Housings
  • Raised Floors
  • Stairways

Special colors, resins, and panel sizes available on request


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Chemical Resistance Guide
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