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This style is for a special application, where female threads on one side, and a PVC size socket on the other side is useful. We do not recommend gluing the PVC to the fiberglass composite.

FRP Threaded Couplings
  • CC-Couplings - Socket are a specially designed for installations where fiberglass needs to match up to schedule 40 PVC pipe.
  • CC-Couplings are hand laid-up Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Couplings for threaded tank and pipe connections.
  • CC-Couplings are produced to exacting requirements resulting in a superior void-free laminate and resin-rich liner.
  • Reinforcement is continuous throughout
  • Construction: Hand Lay-up with Molded NPT Threads
  • Resin: Hetron 922
  • 100-Mil Nexus/C-veil liner
  • OD: machined surface for tolerance (± 1/16-inch) for ease of installation
  • Threads are glass wound over liners to ensure durability

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NPT Threads

Socket Actual

75049-103 CC-Couplings-Socket Hetron 922 1.5 in Female/Socket 1.5 in 1.91 in
75042-103 CC-Couplings-Socket Hetron 922 2 in Female/Socket 2 in 2.39 in
75043-104 CC-Couplings-Socket Hetron 922 3 in Female/Socket 3 in 3.53 in
75044-104 CC-Couplings-Socket Hetron 922 4 in Female/Socket 4 in 4.52 in
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
Century Composites LLC | A Division of Shamrock Industries - Manufacturer of Quality Components since 1989